SPB-A, B, C, D series of geotextile drainage belt extrusion machine

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: YAOAN
Certification: CE
Model Number: AF-65
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time: 30-90 DAYS
Payment Terms: TT,LC
Supply Ability: 100 SETS PER MONTH
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Material: PP Color: Blue
Screw: Single Screw Main Motor: 22kw

Plastic drainage board, also known as plastic drainage, is SPB-A, B, C, D series of geotextile drainage belt referred to as soft soil and super soft base reinforcement of new materials.
Dust is a ribbon composite structure, the middle is extruded plastic core board, the use of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) mixed with the system, with polypropylene rigid and polyethylene flexibility and weather resistance; The core plate is the skeleton and channel of the drainage belt, the cross section of the cross section is composed of 34 (33) bars, 33 (32) grooves, width 100mm, thickness 3.5 ~ 6.0mm, both sides of the non-woven geotextile wrapped filter Layer, the filter with long fiber hot non-woven fabrics, with water-resistant, water permeability is extremely good. The core belt from the support role and the filter layer into the water out of the water, silt, silt soil, fill the soil and other saturated viscosity and miscellaneous fill the use of drainage consolidation method for soft foundation treatment of a good vertical channel, greatly shorten the soft Soil consolidation time.
Drainage belt is widely used in the construction of soft soil foundation for reclamation, terminal yard, airport runway, stopway, highway, railway, subgrade and other infrastructure projects. It is an ideal material for the construction of modern soft soil foundation.
According to the different depth of the insertion of the soft base, you can choose A, B, C, D four models. The main advantages of soft foundation drainage are:
1. Water filter is good, drainage is smooth, drainage effect is guaranteed.
2. Material has good strength and ductility, can adapt to the foundation deformation capacity without affecting the drainage performance.
3. Drainage board cross-sectional size is small, the process of small pavement disturbance.
4. Can be in the ultra-weak foundation (such as the new fill on the soil) on the board construction.
5. Construction fast, short duration, each board machine can be inserted more than 15000m per day, the cost is lower than the bag sand wells.
For the deep soft soil foundation with drainage consolidation method for reinforcement, from the technical and economic considerations, the use of drainage board is almost the only economic, effective and feasible method.
The company's plastic drainage board (with), through the national professional research and testing institutions for quality appraisal, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, products in strict accordance with the process and industry standards JTS 206-1-2009 production and self- To ensure high-quality products factory.

SPB-A, B, C, D series of geotextile drainage belt extrusion machineSPB-A, B, C, D series of geotextile drainage belt extrusion machineSPB-A, B, C, D series of geotextile drainage belt extrusion machine

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