Water Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine Line

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: YAOAN
Certification: CE
Model Number: 65
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time: 30-90 DAYS
Payment Terms: TT,LC
Supply Ability: 100 SETS PER MONTH
Applications: MBBR Filler Screw Design: Single-screw
Screw Size: 65mm Screw L/D: 28:1
Diameter: 6-30mm Motor: Siemens Brand
Inverter: ABB Brand Warranty: 1 Year

Water Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine Line
MBBR process is based on the basic principle of biofilm method. By adding a certain amount of suspended carrier to the reactor, the biomass and biological species in the reactor are improved, so as to improve the treatment efficiency of the reactor.Because the density of filler is close to water, it is completely mixed with water during aeration, and the environment for microbial growth is gas, liquid and solid phase. The impact and shear of carrier in water make air bubbles smaller and increase the utilization rate of oxygen.In addition, each carrier has different biological species inside and outside, some internal growth of anaerobic bacteria or aerobic bacteria, external aerobic bacteria, so that each carrier is a micro reactor, so that the nitrification and denitrification reaction exist at the same time, so as to improve the treatment effect.
2. The advantages of the MBBR Filter:
Fillers are mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene and its modified materials, polyurethane foam, etc. The proportion is close to water, mainly cylindrical and spherical, easy to hang the film, no agglomeration, no blockage, easy to remove the film.
3. The nitrogenous, anoxic and anaerobic environments were formed on the filler, and the nitrification and denitrification reactions could take place in a reactor, which had a good effect on the removal of ammonia nitrogen.
The sludge concentration in the reactor is high, and the general sludge concentration is 5 ~ 10 times that of the ordinary activated sludge process, which can be as high as 30 ~ 40g/L.It improves the treatment efficiency of organic matter and has strong impact load resistance.
There is no need to set the filler bracket in the aeration tank, which is convenient for the maintenance of the filler and the aeration device at the bottom of the tank, and can save investment and occupation area.
6. Water Medium Filler MBBR Profile Manufacture Machine Line adopts single-screw extruder structure, can be equipped with PLC control system, it's easy to control and operating.


No equipment Quantity
1 65/30 Single screw extruder 1set
2 Mould 1set
3 vacuum chamber+cool water tank 1set
4 Haul off machine 1set
5 Cutting machine 1set

 Water Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine LineWater Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine LineWater Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine LineWater Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine LineWater Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine LineWater Medium Filler Mbbr Profile Manufacture Machine Line
Packaging and shipping

PACKAGING plastic film + stretch film + wooden case + drying agent.
DELIVERY About 30 days (all new parts)
SHIPPING We place and fix the machines well into container and check carefully before closing the container so as to ensure everything is ok for the shipment. (Use steel wire to fix machine and drying agent).
We care each and every point so that our clients could receive the machines in perfect situation.

What is our service system?

PRE-SALE a. Detailed machine introduction;
b. Suggest suitable turnkey solution as per clients requirements;
c. Provide test production for reference;
IN PRODUCTION a. Supply layout drawing to clients for preparation;
b. Suggest suitable building project for pipelines, electric wiring, air pipes, cooling cycle water etc;
c. Keep the clients be informed of the production status;
AFTER SALE a. Send engineers to overseas for installation ,commissioning and training;
b. Supply extruding products' material formula, recommend excellent supplier of the raw material per clients' requests;
c. Offer help if any need from clients like spare parts need etc;
d. Supply necessary technical support at request;

1. Profession: YAOAN only make plastic extruder since 1980s, extensive experience and professional team ensure our leading position in plastic extruder industry.
2. Quality: The quality of products is footstone of enterprise's constant development, always endeavoring to do still better, quality comes first, developing & innovative is our responsibilities;
3. Delivery: We optimize factory management, and improve production flow so as to shorten production period for you in biggest extent;
4. Cost control: We do best to lower down production cost by our inner management improvement, so as to ensure that our products are competitive enough in market, and to realize higher performance-price ratio of our products.
Q1: What is the guarantee of the machine?
A1: The guarantee period of our machine is 12 months after the machine is installed well in buyer's factory;
Q2: What package do you use for the machine?
A2: Painted the machine with anti-corrosion oil, and then covered with plastic film, and then packed into wooden case or fixed onto wooden pallet as per clients' requirements, or shall be loaded into container with film packing. After fixed all machines, we will use drying agent to keep container inside dry.
Q3: Do you have instruction manual to guide us if i buy the machine?
A3: Yes, we supply detailed user manual for your reference. PLS read it carefully for guide. If there is still problem which could not be solved, PLS contact us, we are ready to help you anytime.
Q4: What is your service to overseas clients?
A4: We supply perfect overseas service. We shall send engineers to overseas for machine installation and commissioning and test production guide, and also training to the workers of the buyer. And we are ready to give technical support anytime.


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